Thursday, September 20, 2007

Grandma's kids took her on an outing the day after the reunion. Kathy, RaDawn, Doug, Lois(mom), Linda, Marie. Linda, Marie, Kathy, RaDawn riding the ski lift.
Doug, Marie, Linda, Kathy, Radawn and Carl
Doug, Lois, Carl
RaDawn, Carl, Doug, Linda
Marie, Lois and Kathy

More Reunion Pictures

Here are some fun pictures from Grandma Larsen!
Kathy, Sheri, David, Marie Liz and Emily
Stewart, Paul, Emily, Bridger, and Angeline
Brian and Kevin
The Clan

Larsen Reunion 2007

We had a lot of fun at the reunion. We gathered in a park up the canyon for dinner and games. Doug and his children tried to start a game of "Red Rover". Little Ryan Larsen gave Aaron Olson a big hug. It is fun to get to know cousins and see how quickly they grow!
Stewart and Paul play a game.
Becca and LaGrand weren't able to make it, but their children came with Kathy and Garth.
Spencer, Logan, Kenzie, Stephen, Brady, and Derek all have fun with Michaels puppy.